The rain has stopped- whoopeeee
Since the New Year I have wanted to get out the house to walk for 3 reasons: our poor Jack Russell really needs a decent walk, I want to use my new buggy and lastly I need some exercise.
It might not really be much of an excuse but with a small baby I really didn’t want to venture out on a longer walk with the recent weather. Sailing in a boat would have been more appropriate (boats have actually been used). Even today I had to steer around many an enormous frozen puddle.
The sunshine was glorious though and I already feel healthier having spent an hour out in it.


I was taking pictures of my eldest child and youngest child. This shot was after my son thought I’d done with the snapping. He leaned forward and rubbed noses with his little sister and I snuck another quick shot in! I love the relationships between my children. With their little sister; all 3 boys are just besotted but as she gets older I wonder how each relationship will be. Between the 3 boys there is such a difference between each combination although all of them get on. Will one be closer than another? With the age difference after the 3 boys being close in age (2 years+ 8 months and 1 minute!) I wonder how much that will affect their relationship with their sister and her’s with them?
I love watching them grow and the relationships shift and develop. 🙂


I’ve never found Breast Feeding that easy. I’ve had a big supply & willing babies but first time around I was young so I struggled emotionally. Second time there were two, they were premature and one was tube fed for 6 weeks & the other for 4 months whilst in hospital for his heart problems. I got them all exclusively BF eventually.
This time I have a baby with potentially a posterior tongue tie & I can see she has a lip tie. I only looked last night to see. After 10 weeks of breast pain, infections, windy baby, clicking whilst drinking, fussing etc. this makes sense.
This doesn’t explain why I’m HAPPY though does it? To explain, I still love it despite the hardships. It’s not for everyone and I’m happy I have CHOICES if it doesn’t work out (something mommas need to remember when debating feeding: aren’t we lucky we have a choice!?).
My beautiful baba & I will struggle on, tomorrow I’ll start seeking advice locally. In the mean time Twitter has come to my rescue. A lovely momma suggested a technique called ‘Flipple’ & it helped instantly. Try googling it.

I’m happy because I can BF, it’s not been easy but I have choices. For now it’s still the right thing to do.


Daddy is here again. So we’re complete- this makes us all happy: simples… 🙂


Choosing a sewing machine as my happy picture may seem strange. I’d had this given to me by my parents for my birthday 18 months ago. Since then I have tried many projects. Including resources for my music business, bunting and pyjamas for my children.
My boys are always so excited to have something made especially for them.
Today I am in the middle of making new pyjamas for boy3 and he’s so looking forward to having them this evening. I love that it makes them feel special & the fact it’s such a useful machine to have means I love my sewing machine 🙂

In the future I might add projects I’ve tried.


Today I caught up with another momma whom I hadn’t spoken to over the holidays. She always makes me laugh and our impromptu coffee made my day 🙂 .

Today involved a trip to the hospital, I initially used our buggy as I needed to be baby free (the appointment was for me). Afterwards I popped into the local supermarket. I only needed a few items so didn’t spend long in the shop but I got so many smiles and positive comments about my contented little baby snuggled happily on my front within a ring sling.

I have heard from other online mommas that they often get negative feedback for wearing their babies. I’m happy to say I’ve never (well at least to my face) had anything but positive responses. Today, it reminded me how lovely people can be. It’s so good to hear/see supportive people when as a new mum you can feel tired/alone/down, it really can help you through the day.

So, today people complimenting my contented baby in her sling made me happy 🙂 .

The boys have been packed off to school in atrocious weather but all 3 seemed happy enough to push through the throngs of children without a backward glance. So little baba and I are enjoying some quiet time. It’ll all be shattered come 3.15pm but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Today’s happy picture was a challenge, initially, as Daddy went back to work so we were all a little sad. Nevertheless my boys were on true form as ever; I’m so lucky to have all three of them.

Their humour is so much like their father’s. At lunch, I was baby talking to my baby girl asking if she was going to ‘talk’ to me. Cue 3 squeaky voices impersonating ideas of what she might say to me. The next minute we’re all roaring with laughter.

I’ve always felt so alone when their Dad lives away for work. Now I realise I have 3 (plus my little one) little people with huge personalities not just children I need to look after. They bring such a lot to our family and much of this is thanks to Daddy!

Suddenly I feel close to my husband. Not so alone and not so sad. My only wish is to make it easier for my him; he misses us so much.

Coffee in bed on a lazy Sunday with my lovely husband & my littlest child with frequent visits from my big 3 boys too ❤